hello and welcome!

I’m Stacy and I absolutely LOVE viewing the world through a lens! I believe if you photograph things you love, you will get an amazing photo and more importantly, a photo that tells your story and provides a lasting memory. 

Growing up, I was the horse crazy girl dreaming of one day holding the reins of my own horse. Every birthday and Christmas was spent wishing for one. Every school project was based around horses. Every penny earned was put in my horse fund. Though I was horseless until high school, I have very fond memories of summers spent with horses. Those days were carefree and simple. Those days were perfect. My goal is to capture those moments with your horse. If you are looking for a photographer who understands the adrenaline rush of a barrel run, the thrill of being airborne over an oxer, the tranquility of a trail ride, or the quiet, unseen moments in the barn alley, you are in the right place! I bring with me over 20 years experience with horses which enables me to work safely around them and gives me the edge in knowing what horse owners desire in photos of them and their beloved equine partners.

Some of my proud photography moments include being selected as the runner-up Official Photographer for the Midwest Horse Fair 2014, and having work featured in COWGIRL Magazine. I most recently was selected as the Official Photographer for Midwest Horse Fair 2019!

Though I specialize in equine photography, I also love documenting portraits and weddings!

When I'm not behind the lens, you can find me hitting the trails with my Quarter Horse, Stone, my Beagle, Scout, and Golden Retriever, Brewer.